Flash Friday Fiction – Enthusiastically

Flash Fiction Friday

For a first day on a new job, this was actually quite good. My new colleague Angela had shown me around the house, showing me the things I might need.
And there was my first client. I did all the things Angela had discussed with me; stripping before the client, getting the condom on his cock, sucking his cock until it was good to go.
Then he said, “no, let’s do it here”, and I felt so embarrassed, climbing onto his cock in full view of everybody else. Luckily, I was quite wet with excitement by then. Angela just drank her coffee as I enthusiastically fucked my first client. He seemed to like it, or at least was totally occupied with sucking the nipples on my tits, while I bounced on his dick.
I could feel his cock harden inside me, as he panted and groaned. “Come on fuck me”, I wailed as I rode him as fast as I could. I could just feel the semen spurt into my pussy as I came on his dick. I could learn to like this job.

“Of course, you should never have an orgasm yourself,” Angela continued her lecture. “Your job is to make them come, not yourself. Though you did a really good fake orgasm there. ”
“OK Angela,” I panted, “I will keep that in mind.”

Flash Fiction Friday!
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  1. Wordwytch zegt:

    An interesting slant on the oldest profession. 🙂 On the job training. I liked it.

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